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Student Athletes

Balancing Performance Expectations


Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Behaviors

The rigors of sport and academics pose a unique challenge for the high-performance

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student athlete. To achieve the highest level, healthy eating and lifestyle behaviors are often set aside at the expense of physical, social, emotional, and mental well-being.

These students come face-to-face with exhaustion, anxiety, depression, poor body image, and all too often, disordered eating and exercise behaviors. Fueled by unrealistic expectations, life becomes unnecessarily difficult and ultimately, we set ourselves up for failure.

At Alpine Nutrition we believe that learning to balance performance expectations with social, emotional, and health related behaviors is the key to long term success and happiness. 

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Student Athlete Package:

90-Minute New Client Assessment + Personalized Plan

  • In this 90-minute, 1-on-1 session, we will go over your health history, recent lab work, performance expectations, diet and lifestyle practices.

  • You'll walk through the details of a typical day: when you wake, when and what you eat, when you go to school, when you practice or physically train, when you work, do homework, when you sleep, and when you spend time with friends and family. 

  • Following this comprehensive overview, we'll take a closer look at your performance goals. Together, we will begin developing a personalized plan of action, ensuring adequate nutrient intake and maintaining a healthy perspective on life outside of sport.

  • We will explore your beliefs and understanding of food. Not just what you eat, but when you eat, and the effects it can have on performance and physical growth and development.


Four 45-Minute Nutrition and Lifestyle Support Sessions

  • Implementing change takes time. These sessions offer continued professional guidance and education. Together, we'll identify diet and lifestyle strategies that work best for you in achieving your performance goals, keeping in mind the importance of long term health and happiness.

"Absorb was is useful,

Discard what is not,

Add what is uniquely your own." ~Bruce Lee

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