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Food Freedom:

Redefine Your Relationship with Food

Are you tired of obsessing over food and restricting what you eat based on arbitrary food rules? Do you doubt yourself and your ability to make the best choice for you?

Eating shouldn't be this hard! 

4 Months to Food Freedom is a program designed to help you move beyond the frustration and anxiety associated with rigid rituals and routines surrounding food and exercise.

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Do you identify with any of the following behaviors?

  • Feelings of guilt and shame when you eat certain foods

  • Frequent dieting or meal skipping

  • Feeling out of control and crazy around food

  • A preoccupation with food, weight, and body image that gets in the way of your everyday life

  • Making up for eating "bad" foods through exercise, food restriction, fasting or purging (Restrict-binge cycle)

  • Feeling emotionally charged by food because of weight-related fears

An unhealthy relationship with your body that manifests as an unhealthy relationship with food, sucks the joy, pleasure, and satisfaction out of eating. Not to mention that these behaviors can lead to serious physical, emotional, and mental health consequences if they go unresolved.

If you long to be at peace with food and your body,

this program is for YOU!

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4 Months to Food Freedom Includes:

90-Minute New Client Assessment + Personalized Plan

  • In this 90-minute, 1-on-1 session you and we will go over your health history, recent lab work, current symptoms, and diet and lifestyle practices.

  • Following this comprehensive overview, we'll begin developing a personalized plan of action, emphasizing behavioral change strategies that will guide you toward a shift in mindset, improving how you relate to your body and ultimately restoring a healthy relationship with food.

  • Together, we'll explore the negative and harmful beliefs you have about food and your body and begin replacing these beliefs with compassionate and caring self-talk. You'll also uncover the subtle ways a diet-mentality could be robbing you of joy and satisfaction in everyday life.


45-Minute Nutrition and Lifestyle Support Sessions

  • These sessions offer continued professional guidance and education. You'll get the support you need to stay focused on your unique goals, challenges, and victories. Together, we'll identify creative and actionable tips to implement your customized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.


Ongoing Encouragement and Motivation

  • You'll receive the benefit of ongoing encouragement and motivation from me via instant messaging and weekly review of your Healthie journal. Ask questions any day, any time, and know that you are not alone. It's like having a nutritionist in your pocket.


SpectraCell Micronutrient Test - 1 Test

  • Disordered eating behaviors can lead to inadequate vitamin and mineral intake due to prolonged dietary restriction.

  • The SpectraCell Micronutrient test is a functional assessment of vitamin and mineral levels that can be used to direct targeted nutrition and supplement recommendations. Ultimately, this helps to serve you in the most personalized way.

Sunset in the Woods

You might be thinking, why 4 months? Simply put, implementing change takes time. The journey to food freedom not only requires a readiness to change but requires a deep dive into the beliefs that keep you from trusting your body's intuitive wisdom. Where along the way did you stop trusting your body's hunger and fullness cues? When did you start labeling food as good or bad? What would happen if you gave yourself full permission to enjoy 'bad' foods or the food you work so hard to avoid?

It's time to free your mind and stop feeling like you've been hijacked by worry. Obsessing about your weight, when and what you eat, and how you look is exhausting! There is another way and working together, you can learn to be free. Free to be the healthiest version of YOU!

Please note: This program is not appropriate for individuals actively struggling with an eating disorder. If you are purging, restricting, or binging one or more times each week these are dangerous behaviors that require specialized care. Explore The National Eating Disorders Association at for additional resources and facilities that can help you.

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