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Restore. Rebalance. Redefine food at a time

Individual & Family Nutrition Services
At Alpine Nutrition, we understand the importance of family nutrition and also that every household is made up of individuals with unique needs. Families work together, play together, dream and grow together. So when one of us is feeling less than our best it affects us all.
We work with individuals and families to create flexible diet and lifestyle changes that get you on the path to better health and help you stay there. We understand that change can feel hard but we're here to help provide creative solutions that have a meaningful impact on long-term, sustainable outcomes. We believe that success is measured by progress, not perfection!
In Person or Online


Whether you prefer to meet in person, or you seek the flexibility and comfort of your own home, Niki can meet with you in a safe, secure, and convenient location. Online sessions are done via video chat, using a secure telehealth platform.


In as little as 30 minutes a week, Niki can help guide you to better health and the transformation you're looking for. In person or online, we have a solution that is perfect for you and your busy lifestyle. Whatever you choose, you can stay connected to your nutritionist every step of the way with the Healthie app.

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Healthy Salad
Whole Foods & Lifestyle Awareness


Your path to wellness begins with customized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations that emphasize whole-foods and foundational principles of healthy living. If you're over-stressed and sleep-deprived, a nutrient-rich diet and exercise may be hard to come by.

Niki will help you uncover the root cause of what ails you and then help you harness the restorative and healing power of food to get you back on track. You'll nourish your body, mind, and soul with nutrient-dense foods and lifestyle practices that free you to be your best self. Your journey starts with you but the healthy habits you model can help shape and guide the healthy habits of your family.



Book a Free Introductory Call!


Curious about what a nutritionist can do for you and your family? Not quite ready to make a commitment? Book a free introductory consultation to learn more about Niki and how she works.


In a 20 minute, 1-on-1 session you'll discuss your health goals and begin to strategize a plan to get you there. Then you can decide if Niki is the right fit for you!

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